Kevin Can Podcast Himself (Interview with Director, Anna Dokoza)

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Behind the Scene — Director Ann Dokoza and Annie Murphy. Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC

This episode continues our Series Finale Coverage! Spoilers Ahead – Do Not Listen until you’ve seen the finale or do not mind being spoiled.

On this episode, Mike sits down with Kevin Can F**K Himself Series Director, Anna Dokoza! As someone who directed 12 of the 16 episodes of the Series, Anna has had a tremendous effect on the Series — we needed to speak with her and pick her brain! A big thank you to Anna for her time and being such a wonderful guest!

Guest Bio: Anna DOKOZA

Anna Dokoza is an Australian/American/Croatian (television) director and producer. Born in Sydney, Dokoza started her career in the news world (Associated Press TV, ABC News, 60 Minutes Australia) before transitioning into the unscripted world and directing MTV’s ADVENTURES IN HOLLYHOOD and VIVA LA BAM, and Bravo’s PROJECT RUNWAY among other series.
Dokoza segued into scripted television when she produced HBO’s Emmy-nominated series FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. She has produced multiple drama and comedy series including: Comedy Central’s JOHN OLIVER: TERRIFYING TIMES; FX’s BASKETS; FXX’s ALI G: REZURECTION; HBO series BORED TO DEATH, DIVORCE, and INSECURE; and, NBC’s UP ALL NIGHT.
She was the showrunner and director of season one of THREE BUSY DEBRAS for Adult Swim, executive produced by Amy Poehler through her Paper Kite Productions and the producing director on both seasons of SPECIAL for Netflix, which garnered four Emmy nominations. Dokoza has directed for the Hulu series SHRILL, Fox’s PIVOTING as well as for Netflix’s LADY DYNAMITE
She has directed SNL alumni Ana Gastayer and Rachel Dratch’s film A CLUSTERFUNKE CHRISTMAS and is attached to upcoming feature SO WE BECOME and TRIGGERED.  Recently Dokoza was the producing director on both seasons of AMC’s darkly comic one hour series KEVIN CAN F**K HIMSELF starring Emmy-winning SCHITT’$ CREEK alum Annie Murphy.  
She likes to stay busy.

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