Kevin Can Podcast Himself (Episode 206)

Welcome to Kevin Can Podcast Himself, your dedicated after-show podcast for AMC’s Kevin Can F**K Himself!

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This week, Caroline and Mike deep dive into Episode 6 of Season 2, “The Machine”. Topics covered include: Weaponizing Kevin; the importance of Stop Signs; characters admiring and being grateful to Kevin; Diane and Neil; Allison wants to stay; and So Much More!


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“My Favourite Sitcom” by Michael Adels, licensed by Pod Clubhouse.

This podcast was recorded in Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Caroline Daley and assembled by Michael Caputo.

One Reply to “Kevin Can Podcast Himself (Episode 206)”

  1. Ellen Courtney

    Hi Mike & Caroline! I felt so seen when Mike said “some” people think Allison is unassailable. I know you’re talking about me-@ellencourtney1! Love it. She’s very assailable-Mike assails her on every pod. He just forgets that Patty trashed Allison for 15 years as part of Kevin’s gang, enjoying Allison’s hospitality during every lame party and making Allison the butt of every joke. Diane told Allison to put up & shut up re: Kevin as they worked together at the packie. I DON’T FORGET. Allison has been very weak her whole adult life (we can guess at the reasons why) and she is flawed. But I don’t see any indication that Allison has ever put herself first in the past 15 years—that is the backstory unless I’m way off base. To me the show is a brief snapshot of a moment in her life when she is finally going to bet on herself and break her self destructive patterns. The show could have centered Patty or Diane or Neil or whoever—but this is Allison’s story. Allison doesn’t know Patty’s birthday??? Hell no—they HAVE NOT BEEN FRIENDS. Allison didn’t even know where Patty’s salon was! Patty never offered cut Allison’s hair (or sell her drugs)! This relationship is all new. I love the pod by the way LOL—and agree with much of your discussion—you two go to deep and unexpected places. Only 2 episodes left? That is such a shame as there are many stories to tell with these people. I hope Allison is done being an obedient good girl and will complete her plan to move on—even if it’s not as Gertrude. When she is in a better place I bet on her doing many good deeds because I think she is a very decent person at heart.
    One final thing, Worcester is not a small town. It’s the 2nd largest city in Mass after Boston. The show does portray these characters as very insulated and trapped though—and (oddly) often getting around on foot. Maybe that’s why you’re getting a small town vibe. Or maybe they are intentionally just showing one Worcester neighborhood. At any rate, these are city people—even though some are as dumb as Roland Schitt.
    PS I owe you a 5 star review, which I will post even though Mike keeps assailing Allison.

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