Kevin Can Podcast Himself (Interview with Eric Petersen)

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This episode kicks off our Series Finale Coverage! Spoilers Ahead – Do Not Listen until you’ve seen the finale or do not mind being spoiled.

On this episode, Caroline and Mike are so excited to sit down again with Kevin McRoberts himself, Eric Petersen! We recorded this weeks ago but have been waiting for the finale in order to release it so we could talk about the finale with Eric. A big thank you to Eric for his time and being such a generous guest!

Guest Bio: Eric Petersen

Eric Petersen is an actor hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Eric has worked extensively in
Television and the Broadway stage. Television credits include: Kirstie (TVLand) where he played
the Series Regular role of Arlo Barth alongside Kirstie Alley, Rhea Perlman, and Michael
Richards. Eric has made guest star appearances on The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, NCIS,
CSI, GCB, and the Lifetime movie The Brittany Murphy Story. Eric has many Disney Channel
credits including the shows Jessie, Sydney To The Max, Kirby Buckets and Pair of Kings. Eric
appeared in the Oscar nominated Coen Brothers’ film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs for
Netflix. Eric has appeared in 4 Broadway shows, and countless region theatre
projects. Broadway credits include: School of Rock (Dewey Finn), Shrek: The Musical (Shrek on
the 1st National Tour and Shrek Standby on Broadway), Escape To Margaritaville (Brick, OBC),
and Peter & The Starcatcher (Ted). Graduate of Bradley University.

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