The I Know This Much Is True Podcast (For Episode 5)

Photograph by Atsushi Nishijima/HBO

Welcome back to The I Know This Much Is True Podcast, the podcast where a rotating lineup of hosts discuss I Know This Much Is True, the six-part limited series from HBO.  On this episode, Caroline, Stef, Sheila and Mike are back to discuss Episode Five.

Note: For whatever reason, we were all in a very silly mood while recording this episode. So, dear listeners, be prepared for a lot of laughs and hi-jinks as we discuss this penultimate episode of I Know This Much Is True

In this episode, the hosts discuss Dominick’s reluctance to learn about (accept?) his family’s history as we finally dive into the story of Grandpa Tempesta’s manuscript.  For once, we all seem to be on the same page as Dr. Patel … perhaps Domenico is too much like looking in a mirror for Dom.

As the episode spent a lot of time in the past, we too spend a lot of time discussing Grandpa Tempesta and his utter failure as a respectable human being. We also draw a lot of parallels between Domenico and Dom and how the apple doesn’t seem to have fallen far from the tree.

Also, we talk about our thoughts on the Psychiatric Review Board’s stunning reversal of their decision to imprison Thomas and the implications for the Birdsey boys now that they are reunited. And we all take bets on whether Dominick and Dessa will reunite now that her marriage is in trouble. Oh, and Mike teaches Caroline and Steph about the difference between sauce and gravy and does some fantastically bad Italian accents along the way.

Looking forward, what will happen in next week’s final episode? Will Dominick and Thomas learn who their father is?  Will Thomas make it out of the show alive? What other skeletons does Grandpa Tempesta have in his closet?  #HBO #IKnowThisMuchIsTrue

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