The I Know This Much Is True Podcast (For Episode 3)

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Welcome back to The I Know This Much Is True Podcast, the latest TV series podcast from Pod Clubhouse! Each week, a rotating lineup of hosts will discuss I Know This Much Is True, the six-part limited series from HBO.

On this episode of The I Know This Much Is True Podcast, Caroline, Sheila and Mike are back to discuss Episode Three. Lisa Sheffer preps Dominick for a pivotal hearing to decide Thomas’ fate. A chance encounter with an old classmate brings painful childhood memories to the surface. Dominick reflects on his and Thomas’ time together at college, during which he met Dessa and the signs of his brother’s illness first began to manifest. Joy attempts to remedy the problems in her and Dominick’s relationship.

The hosts break down the episode in detail and share their experiences. They illustrate how relevant and pervasive the issues brought up in the show are, including the devastating impact of mental illness, the challenges of family members with disabilities or mental illness, and the frustration of navigating “the system.”

We hope you continue to join us as we explore I Know This Much Is True and the issues it raises about how we all get along in this world.  #HBO #IKnowThisMuchIsTrue

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One Reply to “The I Know This Much Is True Podcast (For Episode 3)”

  1. Caroline

    I love your Podcast and it was one of the first for this show that I saw on any of the platforms. But I feel like you guys were kind of hard on Dominic in the last episode. I can tell you are advocates and parents too and fierce in your devotion to those roles. But as a child, Dominic didn’t commit to being either of those things, he was just a boy living in a messed up house, in the shadow of a brother who needed so much. To make matters more complicated -a twin so that everywhere he went school, home, he had no separation from the impact of his brother’s struggle. He made many missteps but he experiences guilt and it’s what’s behind his devotion to Thomas now. Many parents cannot protect their own children, it cannot be the responsibility of a child to protect his brother from an abusive parent. Dominic learned a survival strategy to be hard and quiet that his brother could not learn but in the first episode we see how angry Dominic is in response to what happens with Thomas at the dinner table. His conversation with his mom that evening and his musings on the lawn are a result of the unfairness that his brother is experiencing and his own sense of powerlessness.

    Trauma is real, grief is real, as is denial and I think we are seeing the result of all of those things on Dominic. Just another perspective. But as for the vasectomy thing… you’re on your own Dominic!

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