The Defending Jacob Finale Podcast (For Episode 8) – With Caroline and Paul!

Defending Jacob episode 108
Defending Jacob episode 108. Image by Apple TV+. Copyright 2020.

What an ending! Ladies and gentlemen of the viewing audience, Apple TV+ has pulled off one of the great series of television, ever (at least we think so)! In The Defending Jacob Podcast Finale, Caroline and Paul go into more detail than usual. Since the finale had many more twists and turns than the usual episodes, we -couldn’t- not talk about all of it!

Stuff we talk about includes:

  • The concept of Being a good man or being a good father and how that applies to real life.
  • The trip to Mexico And why it was necessary to push Andy and Laurie to their breaking points.
  • We also try and catalog and reconcile all of our various predictions throughout the season and how close we got to the mark.

Thank you for listening to our coverage of Defending Jacob! If they come back for a season 2 (which we aren’t exactly in favor of), we’ll be here with more of The Defending Jacob Podcast!

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Recorded at Pod Clubhouse Studios. Edited by Caroline Daley.

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