The Defending Jacob Podcast (For Episodes 6-7) – With Caroline and Paul!

Michelle Dockery in “Defending Jacob”
Michelle Dockery in “Defending Jacob,” now streaming on Apple TV+. Image by Apple TV+ Copyright 2020.

Now that the Barbers’ day in court has come, they have to keep rolling with the punches. Assistant District Attorney Neal Loguidice is no flyweight. In fact, he’s laid a trap for Jacob’s defense to fall right into, that sly guy.

In this podcast, Caroline and Paul/Machine Gun discuss questions like:

  • After going through everything with Dr. Vogel, would her finding be of any use during the trial?  And, she clearly has an opinion on Jacob… What else isn’t she telling them?
  • If your murder-accused kid has proven to be a complete idiot online, would you leave an Internet-capable device anywhere within their reach?
  • No one at Pod Clubhouse was surprised when Matt turned out to be unreliable but was anyone in the universe shocked when we found out he fled to Florida? I mean, he looked so stable and capable of making good decisions and all…

We discuss these questions and MORE in our continuing coverage of Defending Jacob. Look for our coverage of episode 8 later tomorrow!

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Recorded at Pod Clubhouse Studios. Edited by Caroline Daley.

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