The Defending Jacob Podcast (For Episodes 4-5) – With Caroline and Paul!

Defending Jacob 104 - Chris Evans as Andy Barber
Defending Jacob 104 – Chris Evans as Andy Barber. Image By Apple TV+. Copyright 2020.

As Jacob’s school year ends, his trial also draws closer. Although Andy appears to trust the defense attorney, he can’t just sit and wait for the court date. He pursues all other leads aggressively in these two episodes, leaving no stone unturned and no tire un-popped.  Where Andy deals with his grief with outward action, Laurie inwardly deals with a burgeoning thought that Jacob could have committed the murder. Wait! Isn’t she supposed to be defending Jacob?

And where’s Jacob? Either at tutoring with his second-grade teacher or playing video games with Sarah. Or sending not-very-deepfake photos of himself as an ax-wielding maniac to Sarah. There’s that, too.

We ask questions like:

  • Although Andy made a career as a prosecutor, would he have been a better defending attorney?
  • Paul tells a regret-filled tale of having gotten spit on (pre-corona) and asks Caroline how she might have reacted as Laurie when the same thing happened to her.
  • Laurie hasn’t cracked yet, but she looks close. Is she going to lose it?
  • And, every episode we ask, Who killed Ben? and Why is Andy in front of the grand jury?

We discuss these questions and MORE in our continuing coverage of Defending Jacob. Look for our coverage of episode 6 later this week!

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Recorded at Pod Clubhouse Studios. Edited by Caroline Daley.

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