Avenue 5 Episode 5 – Podcast with Mike and Paul!

Avenue 5 Episode 5
Avenue 5 Episode 5. Image by HBO Copyright 2020.

Pod Clubhouse presents the “The Avenue 5 Podcast”!

Fresh off the news that Avenue 5 has been renewed for a second season, Mike and Paul sit down to discuss Episode 5, “He’s Only There To Stop His Skeleton From Falling Over.”  The Season 2 news has our hosts wondering what we need from Avenue 5 to enjoy it more. As we have said from the start, the show has real strengths and some very strong characters that always crackle with sharp wit and well-timed humor. But, there is still too much downtime spent with characters and storylines that just fall flat for us.

Is Avenue 5 living up to your expectations? Are you excited for more? Now that we’re past the halfway point in the season, what do YOU want to see the show do better?
We may not be contemplating our last words but we’re certainly thinking about all things, Avenue 5. Join us in the Clubhouse and let us know what you think! #HBO #Avenue5 #Avenue5HBO #HalfwayHome #Trivorce  #HughLaurie #ZachWoods

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