Avenue 5 Episode 3 – Podcast with Mike and Paul!

Avenue 5 Episode 3
Avenue 5 Episode 3 – Matt explaining things as only he can. Copyright 2020 Image by HBO.

This week on “The Avenue 5” Podcast, Paul and Mike are talking about Avenue 5, Episode 103, “I’m a Hand Model.” This week, the crew and passengers learned the trip will be a bit longer than expected.

Will Avenue 5, the show, be around to finish the voyage of Avenue 5, the ship? Does Avenue 5 look like a flying dildo? Have you ever yelled, “F me with a C.B.”? Do we think Matt is a good therapist? What would a mission control workplace comedy look like?

Paul and Mike have lots of questions as we all continue traveling the stars with Avenue 5. Join us in the Clubhouse. #HBO #Avenue5 #Avenue5HBO #CheesyBaguette #WhichCameFirst #TheyCameTogether #HughLaurie #ZachWoods

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