Avenue 5 Episode 1 – Podcast with Mike and Paul!

Avenue 5 Episode 1
Can Hugh Laurie’s Captain Ryan Clark lead the Avenue 5 back home after being knocked off course? Image by HBO. Copyright 2020.

Pod Clubhouse presents, “The Avenue 5 Podcast” with our first podcast covering Avenue 5 Episode 1.  In the first episode, Paul and Mike walk through Avenue 5‘s pilot, “I Was Flying”.

Questions for this Episode:

Did the pilot succeed in convincing us to keep watching? Do we know what this show is trying to be? Does the show even know? With a large cast, what characters stood out? Which ones already have turned us off? What the hell is happening to Hugh Laurie’s accent? 

We’ve got so many questions, maybe you do as well. Tune in and maybe we can figure this out together.


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