PCH Press Pass: ATX Season 13 – Day 2

2024 ATX Season 13 Day 2
2024 ATX Season 13 Day 2

For ATX Season 13 – Day 2, our coverage continues with a jam-packed day of events and exclusive insights. On May 31, we experienced the rich diversity and talent within the TV industry, and we’re thrilled to share it with you!

We started the day with the Presidential forum, where industry leaders discussed the current state and future of television. This was followed by the festival’s first-ever “roundtable” session, offering a unique opportunity to hear from real Hollywood producers about their experiences and insights.

  • One of the standout panels was “From Book, to Script, To Screen,” where producers shared their journeys of successfully adapting novels into hit TV shows. Their stories of creativity and persistence were truly inspiring.
  • Paul had the opportunity to interview Tom Blyth and Donald De Line from the MGM+ show Billy the Kid. Their conversation delved into the making of the show and the challenges they faced.
  • Mike attended the panel for Resident Alien, which featured star Alan Tudyk. Mike provides an in-depth look at the panel discussion and Tudyk’s engaging presence.
  • Mike also attended a panel for showrunners, while Paul explored the art of monologues in Mike Flanagan’s work. These sessions offered valuable insights into different aspects of TV production and storytelling.
  • The day concluded with Pod Clubhouse’s exciting evening at a reception arranged by Universal Studio Group. Highlights included karaoke with the actresses from Girls5Eva and a lively happy hour with the actors from Hotel Cocaine.

Join us for a detailed and entertaining recap of Day 2 at the ATX TV Festival. Whether you’re a TV enthusiast or just love behind-the-scenes stories, this episode is a must-listen!

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