Beacon 23 Episode 3 – Why Can’t We Go On As Three?

Beacon 23 Episode 3 “Why Can’t We Go On As Three?”. Image by MGM+. Copyright 2023.

If you’re looking at this podcast, wondering where our coverage for the second episode of Beacon 23 is, look at our premiere episode. That episode covers both the premiere episode of the series as well as the second since they both came out on the same day. THIS podcast is for the 3rd episode – ” Why Can’t We Go On As Three?”

This episode spun the action dial back down a little from the pirate boarding escapade depicted in the previous two to allow some time for character development. Not only does the audience get a chance to see a bond grow between Aster and Halan, but we also learn some things about both of their histories that make us wonder if we should be rooting for them in the first place. Paul, Inez, and Gabby present you, the listener with tons of theories and possible explanations for what’s going on with Beacon 23 and its residents.


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