The Yellowstone Podcast: 1923 (Episode 105)

Welcome to The Yellowstone Podcast: 1923!  Join Caroline and Mike each week as they discuss the Yellowstone prequel series, 1923, streaming on Paramount+!

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This week on The Yellowstone Podcast: 1923, Caroline and Mike discuss Episode 105 of 1923, “Ghost of Zebrina”! 

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“Muddy Road Underscore” by Evgeny Kiselevich, licensed by Pod Clubhouse.

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6 Replies to “The Yellowstone Podcast: 1923 (Episode 105)”

  1. freemarketmaven

    I really enjoy the discussions…your premise that the theme of “1923” is the journey each of the characters takes is spot on. But please don’t conflate journeys with the reasons for suicide. I suspect Mr. Sheridan’s inclusion of suicide is to underscore that every journey has a conclusion, and that every love story necessarily ends in tragedy, but not that suicide is a metaphor for journeys. That is not what compels suicide. Mr. Sheridan has apparently done his homework, for he has made it clear that the commonality in all the suicides is the same as in real life: pain. Intolerable, unimaginable, ultimately lethal psychic pain that people seek to end. The cause of the pain in the series is also the same as in real life: Loss. I see “1923” as a story about journeys, perseverance, redemption, love, loyalty and, tragically, loss. Some of us grapple with loss and continue; for others it sparks that unendurable psychic pain that compels an ending.

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