New Money, Old Rules: The Gilded Age Podcast (Episode 101)

Welcome to New Money, Old Rules: The Gilded Age Podcast!  Join Caroline and Mike each week as they discuss HBO’s new period drama, The Gilded Age!

This week on the podcast premiere of New Money, Old Rules: The Gilded Age Podcast, Caroline and Mike discuss the series premiere of The Gilded Age, “Never the New”!  

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“String Quartet No. 12 in F Major, “American”, Op. 96: IV” by Antonín Dvořák.

New Money, Old Rules: The Gilded Age Podcast is a Pod Clubhouse original production, recorded and produced at Pod Clubhouse studios. This episode was edited by Caroline Daley and assembled by Michael Caputo.

3 Replies to “New Money, Old Rules: The Gilded Age Podcast (Episode 101)”

  1. Nathan

    Interesting hearing your thoughts, although I’m saddened by the lack of in-depth discussion on the character of Peggy. You discussed her last and briefly, only through the lens of Agnes. This character has an entire subplot more intriguing than some main characters. Plus, you could have delved into her poor treatment from the house staff. I just thought there was more to dissect like you did for other characters.

    • Michael Caputo

      Thank you for listening! Peggy’s story is just getting going and there is a whole interesting plot (with some mystery) we’ll be spending a lot of time on in the coming episodes. We’re very intrigued by Peggy and her story; my co-host Caroline has been doing research into Ida B Wells and drawing comparisons to their stories, so I think you’ll see we spend much more time on her in the coming weeks. ~ Mike

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