The 52 Weeks of Christmas Podcast (A Christmas Story)

Welcome to The 52 Weeks of Christmas Podcast!

Join Caroline & Mike each week as they celebrate 52 Weeks of Christmas! Each episode features a new Christmas movie and a discussion full of fun, facts, laughs and loads of trivia!

This is Week 30 of 52 Weeks of Christmas. This week, Caroline and Mike are discussing 1983’s A Christmas Story, the timeless tale of one boy’s quest to secure a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle for Christmas!

Is A Christmas Story a great movie? Is it a great Christmas movie? What even makes a movie a Christmas movie? These are the questions we’ll be asking each week as we take this year long journey into Christmas movies! What do you think, leave messages and let us know!

Why 52 Weeks of Christmas? No one can be sure what kind of year 2021 will be, so let
The 52 Weeks of Christmas Podcast be your insurance policy for a bit of guaranteed joy each week!


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Music: “Jingle Bells Fun” by ihsandincer, licensed by Pod Clubhouse.

Podcast Recorded and Produced at Pod Clubhouse Studios. Edited by Caroline Daley and Assembled by Michael Caputo.

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