The Surgeon’s Files: The Prodigal Son Podcast (Episode 212 with Guest, Tom Payne)

Welcome to The Surgeon’s Files: The Prodigal Son Podcast, your unofficially official Prodigal Son after-show podcast! 

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Each week, The Surgeon’s Files: The Prodigal Son Podcast will break down the week’s episode of Prodigal Son and bring you interviews with the show’s cast and creatives!

NOTE: We recorded this episode, as well as our interview with Tom Payne, on Monday, May 10. Literally minutes after we finished recording, the news circulated that Prodigal Son had been cancelled. So, when you listen, it’s going to sound like we’re still waiting on renewal news because we were. We hope it gets picked up somewhere but, if not, please listen to Tom’s words about his time working on the show and let us appreciate the time we got to spend with these characters and their stories. We hope you enjoy the listen.

This week, Mike and Sheila deep dive into Episode 212, “Sun and Fun”! Afterwards, stick around for our exclusive interview with Malcolm Bright himself, the wonderful Tom Payne! Tom stayed with us for almost an hour and took us through his entire time with the show and even teased next week’s finale! He was very gracious with his time and gave wonderfully thoughtful answers, a true delight to speak to. Do Not Miss This Interview! 

1:22:36 – Time Code for Start of the Tom Payne Interview. 

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Guest Bio: Tom Payne

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Prior to PRODIGAL SON, Tom Payne played “Jesus Monroe” in the hit cable series “The Walking Dead.” A beloved character in the comic book series, he debuted in the middle of Season Six and remained on the show through Season Nine. Previously, Payne starred on “Luck,” from creators Michael Mann and David Milch, playing the lead role of jockey “Leon Micheaux.”

Payne made his feature film debut in “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,” opposite Amy Adams and Frances McDormand, and starred in the feature “The Physician,” with Stellan Skarsgard and Sir Ben Kingsley.

He also has worked extensively on U.K. television, including roles in the series “Skins,” “Waterloo Road” and “Casualty,” as well as the miniseries “Agatha Christie’s Marple.” Additional TV credits include the telefilms “Best: His Mother’s Son”; “Wuthering Heights,” opposite Tom Hardy; “Miss Marie Lloyd”; and “He Kills Coppers.”

In February 2020, he received the Discovery Award for his television work from the Savanna College of Art and Design (SCAD) at its annual aTV Festival in Atlanta, GA.

A U.K. native, Payne is a graduate of London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where he earned his B.A. in acting.

Follow Tom on Twitter at @justanactor and Instagram at @thetpayne


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  1. nuke333

    What an incredible interview with Tom Payne. Would love it if you had Sam or Chris on the finale episode. Maybe then could shed some light on the cancellation. So sad we won’t get your take on Season one PS episodes! Was really looking forward to that. But great job you two. Can’t wait for your take on the finale

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