The Third Day Podcast (Last Day – The Dark)


Welcome to The Third Day Podcast! Each week, Caroline, Paul, and Mike break down and discuss the strange happenings on Osea Island, the location of HBO’s new limited series, The Third Day, starring Jude Law, Naomie Harris, and Katherine Waterston.

The Dark is Here. It’s the Last Day on Osea as The Third Day draws to a close. So much happens in this hour of television, it took us two hours to discuss it all. So, buckle up as Caroline, Paul, and Mike break down this final episode of Winter and revisit (for the final time?) everything that The Third Day tried to be and whether, in the end, they were successful.


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The Third Day


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This podcast was recorded in Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Caroline Daley.

2 Replies to “The Third Day Podcast (Last Day – The Dark)”

  1. Sophia Basi

    That’s how we say ‘construct’ in the UK.
    Enjoyed this podcast but could do without the poor British accents!

    • Paul Daley

      Poor?!? We’ve all watched countless hours of Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, and Mrs. Doubtfire in preparation for those impressions. 🙂

      Thanks for listening and broadening our understanding. While we’re willing to perform bad accents on the podcast, we don’t like to sound overly ignorant of cultural vernacular differences.

      (I can’t tell if the tone of this note is sarcastic where it’s supposed to be and not where it’s not, so, the first line is saracsm, the rest is not.)

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