Strong Creatives Welcome: The NOS4A2 Podcast (For Episode 205)

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Strong Creatives Welcome: The NOS4A2 Podcast, your unofficially official NOS4A2 after show podcast!

“Your boy is with me now, and you will never have him back. Do you understand?”

Join Mike and Anna as they discuss and breakdown Episode 205, “Bruce Wayne McQueen,” and interview Linda McQueen herself, Virginia Kull!

We’re at the half point of the Season tonight and the stakes have never been higher! Join Mike and Anna as they break down the non-stop trauma of tonight’s episode. All of our characters are at various breaking points and the wear and tear is showing. We dive deep into the fantastic execution of the creative storytelling, the out of this world stunt work, the attention to detail in the production design, writing and directing, and look at how all of our characters get smacked around. And, The Hourglass Man! So much to talk about, listen in as Mike and Anna discuss it all!

Afterward, Mike and Anna sit down with Linda McQueen herself, Virginia Kull! Virginia pulls back the curtain on being a parent in Rona times, Linda’s specific parenting style, how she prepared for Linda’s accent, and so much more. Also, Mike organizes a NOS4A2-themed cruise to a private island!

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