Strong Creatives Welcome: The NOS4A2 Podcast (For Episode 204)

Ashley Romans as Tabitha Hutter. Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

Strong Creatives Welcome: The NOS4A2 Podcast, your unofficially official NOS4A2 after show podcast!

“Can you do me one small favor, Wayne?”

Join Mike and Anna as they discuss and breakdown Episode 204, “The Lake House”! This week, Charlie Manx brought his A-Game to try and lure Wayne to Christmasland and Vic got some real talk from just about every member of her family. Has any kid ever had to keep their stories straight like Wayne does? Is anyone else disturbed that Wayne’s still carrying around that Candy Cane? How can it take 20 minutes for the cops to bring back-up to apprehend a murder suspect? How did Tabitha keep getting back up from that fight with Bing? So many questions, listen in as Mike and Anna discuss it all!

Afterward, Mike and Anna sit down with gent Tabitha Hutter herself, Ashley Romans! Ashley was such a fantastic guest and really got silly with us. Listen as she talks about her experience working on the show, the way NOS4A2 exceeds normal genre bounds, working on that fight scene from tonight’s episode, the awesomeness of Tabitha’s relationship with Maggie, the struggle Tabitha faces this season, and so much more!

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