Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast (For Episode 613) – With Caroline and Mike!

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This week on “Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast” from Pod Clubhouse, Caroline and Mike talk about the penultimate episode of Schitt’s Creek, Episode 613, “Start Spreading the News”!

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“I just don’t think I’m finished with this place.”

So many good speeches tonight had us remembering why we love these characters and this show so much. Whether it was Twyla and Alexis reminding us that they have one of the best friendships in the Creek or Stevie giving David the real talk, we were getting hit right in the feels for this supersized episode. In between Mike having teary-eyed fits of emotion, Caroline and Mike break down the second to last episode (ever) of Schitt’s Creek.

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  1. Ellen Courtney

    So glad you loved this episode as much as I did! David and Stevie on the car was everything—their friendship needed that private important moment. I love them so. Alexis and Twyla too—Alexis did show up at Twyla’s counter quite a few times when she was troubled. Twyla always reassured & helped her in her special Twyla way. Oh and when you do your rewatch, you will notice that David is eating, hungry, asking about food, wanting more food, loving food—in many, many episodes. It seems to be a character trait that was built in from the beginning. One more episode and the documentary to go! And eventually the series: Return to Schitt’s Creek (yes please).

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