Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast (For Episode 604) – With Mike and Caroline!

Schitt's Creek Season 6 Episode 4
Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Episode 4. David (Daniel Levy). Copyright 2020 Image by PopTV

This week on “Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast” from Pod Clubhouse, Caroline and Mike are talking about Schitt’s Creek Episode 604, “Maid of Honour.”

This Week’s Questions:

What do you think of Johnny and Roland’s newfound buddy comedy friendship? What did you think of Moira’s movie trailer? Do you prefer your soda with 99% real drink? Have you ever been to Hoboken, Windsor or South Dakota? How wild was your bachelor or bachelorette party? Do we need an Elm Glen if we already have an Elm Dale?

Caroline and Mike tackle all of these questions and so much more on this week’s episode! #SchittsCreek #MaidOfHonour #ElmGlen #TheCrowening #PopTV

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