Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast (For Episode 603) – With Mike and Caroline!

Schitt's Creek Season 6 Episode 3 - The Job Interview
Schitt’s Creek. Dan Levy and Emily Hampshire. Image by PopTV Copyright 2020

This week on “Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast”, Caroline and Mike talk about Episode 603: “The Job Interview”.

This week’s questions:

Have you ever made a grand gesture (if not you’ve got homework to do)? Are you into “Sloppy Jocelyns” (spoiler alert: Mike very much is)? Should anyone be in business with Roland Schitt? Do you think Stevie is going to spend the season trying out different jobs? Do we like David’s interview clothes? What is YOUR weakness? What Larry Air slogan best fits YOUR lifestyle?

Caroline and Mike tackle all of these questions and more on this week’s episode! #SchittsCreek #TheJobInterview #TedTheTurtle #LarryAir #PopTV

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4 Replies to “Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast (For Episode 603) – With Mike and Caroline!”

  1. RC

    Hold on a minute. You two don’t actually believe Dan Levy as David, was wearing the actual clothes that Noah Reid wears as Patrick. Dan Levy is a couple inches taller than Noah and the clothes fit him perfectly. If he had been wearing the clothes that Noah wears on the show, the sleeves would have been much shorter on him. Those are definitely a different set of clothes and viewers are asked to suspend disbelief.

    • Michael Caputo

      Hi! We completely agree. Sorry if that was confusing how we said it. We didn’t think Dan was wearing Noah’s clothes, we meant that the fit they gave to David wearing Patrick’s clothes was snug, as in that they didn’t quite fit, which made it funny. Thank you for listening!!

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