Battle Beyond the Movies Premiere Episode – The Haunted House!

Welcome to the first of a new series of podcasts from Pod Clubhouse: Battle Beyond the Movies! This podcast is an exploration and discussion (and maybe some debate) of the oft-repeated themes and subjects found in movies. Sometimes, we’ll even focus on movies that have such similar themes that they’re actually remakes/reboots – such as this first episode. In the premiere, Paul and long-time collaborator Sheila take a look at a haunted house story so compelling, people still discuss it and re-tell its bloody tale. Of course, I’m talking about Amityville (1979) and its 2005 re-make.

In this podcast, Paul and Sheila will put both movies to the test and leave you with their own verdicts as to which movie, old or new, told the most effective haunted house story.

The hosts:

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