Battle Beyond the Movies – Master Detective vs. Master Criminal

Classic themes lead to classic stories… or is it the other way around? Since silent movies and keystone cops, Hollywood has shown a fondness for pitting detectives and criminals against one another on screen. In this episode of the podcast, we compare the stories of two pair of detectives and criminals at the top of their respective games featuring filmmakers and actors at the top of theirs.

Micheal Mann’s 1995 film Heat features Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino at the height of their acting powers and on opposite sides of the law. Iconic and timeless, the downtown Los Angeles shootout remains unbeaten by modern filmmakers in terms of realism and suspense.

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight may depict the fictional Gotham City and its famed caped crusader, but the film’s gritty approach and unforgettable performances by Christian Bale and Heath Ledger drew devoted audiences inside and outside the normal comic-book enthusiast crowd.

In this podcast, Paul and Myke will put both movies to the test and leave you with their own verdicts as to which movie, Heat or The Dark Knight, told the most effective crime story.

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