Decorating the Set: Rare Objects Special Episode (Featuring an Interview with Jake Baer, the CEO of Newel Props)

Decorating the Set - From Hollywood to Your Home with Beth Kushnick

Welcome to Decorating the Set: From Hollywood to Your Home with Beth Kushnick!  Well over a year ago, Beth worked on an indie film co-written and directed by Katie Holmes. That film, Rare Objects, is finally coming out on April 14 and Beth and Caroline are celebrating its release with this special episode. First, the ladies discuss Beth’s work on the film and then, they sit down for an exclusive interview with Jake Baer, the CEO of Newel Props (which was heavily involved in Rare Objects – a movie that largely takes place in an antique store)!

Rare Objects will be released in theaters and on demand on Friday, April 14. For more information, head to: 

The Interview with Jake begins at Time Code: 11:56.


Jake Baer

You have a passion for props, and we’ve been obsessed with them since our founding in 1939. But what makes us special?

We have a huge and diverse inventory. We offer the most extensive range of furnishings and decor of any prop house in the country: from fine period Antiques and themed styles, to Mid-Century and Contemporary pieces. Our curated collection includes items from around the world that span every style and century. We’re always looking for the newest ideas in design, art, and culture, and we
expand our inventory every week! There’s always something new to see.

We’ll make your not-so-easy job work seamlessly, no matter what. Our knowledgeable staff can suggest items for your consideration at any stage of your project, and will always work with your budget. We are happy to assist with last-minute accommodations and promise a fast turnaround time, quick replies to your inquiries and requests, and beautiful items in great condition. We also have a full-time restorer on site for repairs and touch-ups.

NEWEL PROPS is the partner who gets it. Our staff has years of experience in the industry. Lewis Baer is the third-generation owner of our company who has been with Newel since 1969. Representing the 4th generation is Jake Baer our CEO, who was raised in the NEWEL PROPS family along with Gabriella Baer who directs our social media and marketing. Our experienced team of Rich Szepinski and Christine Coco Murray have a combined 45 years of working in the prop business and are assisted by Kelsey Hamill. They are always available to help you find the ideal prop or put together all the pieces necessary for a perfect project. Bonnie Segal, our accountant, is here to assist you with your accounts, billing, and orders. Casey Choron is our CTO whose graphic design and technical skills keep our database and website updated, functional, and user friendly. Marietta Klase deals with the logistics and movement of inventory and orders. Finally, there is Jess Adams, who keeps everything tied together with her knowledge of inventory management and the functionality needed to keeping the operations working seamlessly.

Together, we are expanding NEWEL PROPS’ horizons with your needs in mind. We know the pride you feel in doing spectacular work, and we’re here to support you, from start to finish. We’re a resource, an ally, and an extra shot of inspiration with props as original as your ideas. Come visit us and you’ll see what we mean!

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