Decorating the Set (Israeli Set Decorator, Ohad Ostro)

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Welcome to Season 4 of Decorating the Set: From Hollywood to Your Home with Beth Kushnick!  Since we premiered in 2020, Decorating the Set has always been popular abroad, having appeared on Apple’s Top 250 Podcast Charts in over 20 countries, including Japan, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, South Africa, Romania, Indonesia, Portugal, India, Morocco, Italy, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Australia, Kenya, Austria, Canada, and Israel.

In honor of our international listeners, this week, Beth and Caroline are pulling back the curtain on the TV and Film industry in Israel when they sit down to interview Israeli set decorator and production designer, Ohad Ostro!

Time Code for Start of Ohad Ostro Interview: 5:43


Ohad Ostro is a TV and film set decorator and production designer based out of Israel. Ohad began working in productions when he was 22 years old, starting as an art apprentice and then working his way up to assistant set decorator and then becoming the lead set decorator and production designer on a host of projects.

Among a list of credits in Israeli-specific productions, Ohad has also worked on some US crossover productions, like HBO Max’s Valley of Tears and the newest Season of the Netflix series, Fauda, which has just come out on Netflix.

Follow Ohad on Instagram: @ohad_ostro


For over 35 years, Beth Kushnick has created character-driven settings for countless award-winning television series and feature films. As a Set Decorator, she’s composed visuals that both capture and enhance any story. Now, she wants to help you capture and enhance YOUR story.

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