The Pop Culture Review Podcast (For January 22-28, 2023)

Welcome to The Pop Culture Review Podcast, your weekly look back at the week that was. Hosted by the Pod Clubhouse 3, Caroline, Paul and Mike.

On this week’s podcast, Caroline, Paul and Mike look back at the week of January 22-28, 2023! Covered on this week’s show:

The Last of Us (Begins at 1:44)
Velma (Begins at 11:37)
The Mindy Porject (Begins at 18:07)
Your Honor (Begins at 21:38)
SAS: Rogue Heroes (Begins at 25:57)
Night Court (Begins at 28:38)
Bob Hearts Abishola (Begins at 33:03)
Cancellations and Renewals (Begins at 37:10)
Book Talk (Begins at 44:36)
The Oscars (Begins at 50:33)


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“Breaking News Opener” by SnowMusicStudio, licensed by Pod Clubhouse.

This podcast was recorded in Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Caroline Daley and assembled by Michael Caputo.