Decorating the Set (Frontline Workers Contest Winner Follow-Up)

Decorating the Set - From Hollywood to Your Home with Beth Kushnick

Welcome to the Season 3 Premiere of Decorating the Set: From Hollywood to Your Home with Beth Kushnick!  Last year, in order to honor and acknowledge the wonderful and heroic frontline workers that have put their health and safety on the line for the last two years in order to keep our country running, Decorating the Set ran a Frontline Workers Hero Appreciation Contest, with the winner getting a free interior design consultation with Beth Kushnick as well as a Gift Certificate, sponsored by Raymour and Flanigan. In our Season 3 Premiere, Beth and Caroline follow-up with our Frontline Worker Contest Winner, Katie Lobasso, and discuss the room re-design project!

Katie’s husband, Andrew, entered Katie in the Frontline Worker Appreciation Contest. Here is his submission (portions have been edited for length and privacy):

“My wife, Katie, is a Registered Nurse … She has been working tirelessly to treat cancer patients throughout the pandemic. She is up early to commute from Staten Island into NYC, almost always staying late after her shift, and getting back home even later at night. I too, am a frontline worker … Because Katie and I spend so many hours working, the time spent on transforming our fixer upper of a house has been put on the back burner. Winning this contest would be a dream come true, because we are using all hand-me-down dining room furniture still. During the pandemic, our dining room has become a central location as we are always hosting family for dinner. It would be great to have a newly transformed space that we can continue to host in. We would also love the opportunity to have a consultant help design our dining room.”


For over 35 years, Beth Kushnick has created character-driven settings for countless award-winning television series and feature films. As a Set Decorator, she’s composed visuals that both capture and enhance any story. Now, she wants to help you capture and enhance YOUR story.

Join Beth and her co-host, Caroline Daley, each week as they go behind the scenes of Hollywood’s magic, and give you approachable, yet sophisticated tips to realize the space that best expresses who you are.


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