Houston Horror Film Fest – Coverage and Interviews!

Armed with an iPhone and a digital recorder, Paul attended Saturday and Sunday of the first in-person incarnation of the Houston Horror Film Fest this past weekend and had a spoooooooky time! See below for the full list of the creators interviewed. View the video on Youtube to use the embedded chapter points to skip around!


Jae Mazer (Website) (Twitter)

Jessica Raney (Amazon) (Twitter)


“Bloomfield” (WEBSITE) (INSTAGRAM)

Director / Writer / Actress: Brianna Young (Twitter) (Instagram)
Winner – Best Director (Feature)
Producer / Actress: Jennifer Moriarty (Instagram)
Winner – Best Actress (Feature)

“Inheritance” (FACEBOOK)

Director / Writer / Actor: Michael Kenneth Fahr (Twitter) (Instagram)


Director: Dave McAbee (Twitter) (Instagram)

“The Relic”

Director: Josh Logan (Website) (Twitter) (Instagram)


Saw Reverse Bear Trap: Shelby (Instagram)

Fest Organizer:

Film Director / Film Fest Co-founder: Troy Escamilla (Twitter)

Houston Horror Film Fest (WEBSITE) (Twitter) (INSTAGRAM) (FACEBOOK)