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Welcome to Boulder Free Radio Zone: The Stand your dedicated after-show podcast for the limited series on CBS All-Access. For the next 9 weeks, Paul, Sheila, and Inez will be breaking down this new limited series starring James Marsden, Alexander Skarsgard, Whoopi Goldberg, Greg Kinnear and so many more in a deep bench of seasoned actors. Will you join us as we make our Stand?

Paul, Sheila, and Inez sit down to discuss the explosive Episode 6, “The Vigil.” 

Holy Buckets of Blood, Bobby Terry! We’ve journeyed through the pledge portion of the story and now we have arrived at the turn in Boulder. Bombs are going off, literally. Over in New Vegas, Randall’s becoming more deadly and we come face to face with his true personality and potential plans, bringing in the Trashcan Man. 

Afterward, stick around for our exclusive interview with Chris Fisher, director for episodes 5 and 6!!  Chris took us behind the scenes on how the episodes came about creatively, what it was like to film against a ticking pandemic clock unrelated to the pandemic in the story, and how it has affected production. Chris talks about how New Vegas was brought to life in all its glorious debauchery. And so much more! 

Glossary for the Podcast

Giallo: A genre of horror film originating in 1960s Italy, known for combining mystery, horror, and eroticism (it IS Italian). Also usually features slasher-levels of gore and blood in a time well before slasher movies were cool (the “buckets of blood” Fish mentions).

GTD: Guillermo del Toro – Oscar-winning director of horror and fantasy movies.

00:56:30 – Time Code for Start of the Interview with Chris Fisher

Guest Bio:

Chris Fisher is an American director, writer, and producer, known as ‘Fish.’ His credits include work on the CBS television series Person of Interest as a director and executive producer. He was also an executive producer and director on The Magicians (the final season is airing now on Netflix). 

Chris spent a good deal of his childhood overseas, but graduated high school in California. He attended the University of Southern California where he earned a law degree. His entertainment career began in the William Morris training program. His background is steeped in the horror and thriller genres, with such works as Nightstalker, Hillside Strangler, and S. Darko making his work on The Stand a perfect match. 

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