Decorating the Set: From Hollywood to Your Home (Special Winter Episode)

Decorating the Set - From Hollywood to Your Home with Beth Kushnick

Welcome to Decorating the Set: From Hollywood to Your Home with Beth Kushnick!  In this special Winter episode of Decorating the Set, Beth pulls back the velvet rope and lets listeners in on how she creates the perfect Winter feel on set. Also, Caroline and Beth discuss simplifying your holiday décor and bringing nature indoors! 

For over 30 years, Beth Kushnick has created settings for countless award-winning television series and feature films. As a Set Decorator, she’s composed visuals that both capture and enhance any story. Now, she wants to help you capture and enhance YOUR story.

Join Beth and her co-host, Caroline Daley, each week as they go behind the scenes of Hollywood’s magic, and give you approachable, yet sophisticated tips to realize the space that best expresses who you are.

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