Conversations With Iliza: The neXt Podcast (File #1 with Manny Coto)

Conversations With Iliza: The neXt Podcast S1E1
Cr: Ed Araquel / FOX.

Welcome to Conversations With Iliza: The neXt Podcast, your unofficially official after-show podcast for Fox’s new techno-thriller, neXt! Each week, Caroline, Paul, and Mike discuss the show and interview the cast and creatives that bring the show to life.

On this week’s episode, Caroline, Paul, and Mike break down and discuss “File #1,” the series premiere episode of neXt, a brand new techno-thriller starring John Slattery and Fernanda Andrade.

And stay tuned, because after the hosts discuss the episode, Paul and Mike sit down with the series creator, Manny Coto.




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This podcast was recorded in Pod Clubhouse Studios and edited by Caroline Daley and Paul Daley.