Pod Clubhouse Film Reviews: Laurel Canyon (Part 2)


Welcome back to Pod Clubhouse Film Reviews. This episode, we’re discussing the second part of Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time, the new two-part music documentary on epix!!!

Laurel Canyon, directed by Alison Ellwood (History of the Eagles), tells the intimate and interconnected story of a group of musicians who created a music revolution in a small Utopian enclave in the Hollywood Hills.

In this podcast episode, Mike, Sheila, and Jon wrap up the discussion on this comprehensive music doc. They talk about the evolution of the music coming out of Laurel Canyon against the backdrop of cultural and political upheaval in the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s, from Altamont and the Kent State riots to the escalating violence in Vietnam and growing anti-war protests at home.

This episode highlights the bursting of the artist bubble in the Hollywood Hills, from the death of iconic musicians in their prime to the changes in the music scene as acts outgrew intimate clubs and moved to large arenas.

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