Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast (For Episode 609) – With Caroline and Mike!

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Enter our Schitt’s Creek Rose Apothecary Giveaway … make sure you listen through the whole episode for the rules and to spot the Word (or Phrase) of the Week!

This week on “Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast” from Pod Clubhouse, Caroline and Mike are talking about Episode 609, “Rebound”!

This week, Alexis “Lexie” Rose dealt with her break-up with Ted by dating a much older man. Is Artie just what Alexis needs to help heal her heart? Is there a good process to follow after a break-up? Is Johnny being a good dad when he interferes in her relationship? Or did he overstep his bounds?

Meanwhile, following an interview where Moira put down the (unnamed) town where she lives, the Rose’s car is the victim of an egging. Were as you disappointed as we were that Moira is still talking trash about Schitt’s Creek? Did her tourism video make up for it?

Last, Jocelyn takes a whirl at being the newest employee of Rose Apothecary. And while she’s a natural saleswoman, she decides the store isn’t a good fit for “her brand.” Were you as sad as Patrick that she turned their job offer down or did you agree with David that it wouldn’t have been a good mix? Either way, “Have a Rosy Day!”

Caroline and Mike break down the episode and tackles all of these questions on this week’s episode!

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