Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast (For Episode 610) – With Caroline and Mike!

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This week on “Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast” from Pod Clubhouse, Caroline and Mike are talking about Episode 610, “Sunrise, Sunset.” This week’s episode belonged to the Rose parents.

Johnny Rose’s woes were twofold this week: the new motel has termites and a crumbling foundation and a food tasting makes Johnny realize how expensive the catering will be for David’s wedding. Did you identify with Johnny’s struggle to provide a special moment for his son?  How happy were you that Stevie saved the day with an idea she learned from Johnny?!?

Meanwhile, Moira gets a tempting offer to reboot her soap opera, “Sunrise Bay,” but thanks to Alexis, learns a dark secret along the way. Was this most growth we’ve seen from Moira to date? How excited were you to see Victor Garber (and Saul Rubinek) guest starring on tonight’s episode (does anyone play drunk better)?

Caroline and Mike break down the episode and tackle all of these questions on this week’s edition of “Without a Paddle, the Schitt’s Creek Podcast“!

And remember, “you miss 100%  of the tapes you don’t play.”

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